Launching Moon πŸš€

your personal assistant for life: so you stay on top of calendar, tasks and information

Simplest Personal Organizer, Ever.

Moon is one place to organize your screenshots, links, docs and notes so they aren’t scattered across a gazillion apps.

Access them with a quick tap or search! Try it yourself.

"I take thousands of screenshots and it's such a pain to find the one when you need it."
- Sara, working mom of 2 from Chicago

Less Screen Time.

Moon eliminates the need to open multiple apps to store and manage your information.

Organize my slides, skincare routines and cafes to check out, without looking everywhere
- Lexi, outgoing professional from San Francisco

More Focus Time.

Moon takes care of tedious tasks so you can spend time on what energizes and inspires you.

For example: Moon is the fastest way to add any calendar event on your iPhone! Try it for yourself.

"...the utility of easily adding an event to my calendar and then having smart actions"
-Nick, investor & entrepreneur from San Diego

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Conceived in Chicago ❀️ Designed in California β˜€οΈ Built in Sri Lanka 🏝

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